Modern Dating Struggles

In the good old days, dating was pretty straightforward – maybe predictable even. But the key was that a relationship was reliable. Generation-Y has its own set of love expectations and therefore, a fresh basket of problems. It’s true that modern relationship problems have made our dating lives difficult.

As we have progressed as a society, the way we date has also changed. Here are 8 problems that an old soul did not have to face but these love problems are the reality in modern dating.

1.Dating was the means to an end – life-long relationships

There was a time when dating etiquettes dictated that sex was just not a first date thing. Because many relationships begin on the physical level, it can be difficult to predict where they are heading to. Are you dating? Are you in a faithful relationship? Sure, you can be friends but who’s to say that you are not just friends with benefits? But these days, a modern relationship might not really be the ‘happily ever after’ type of scenario.

All these different levels of intimacy have made the situation all the more complicated and it’s difficult to tell whether you can take someone home to meet your family.

2.The Facebook relationship status

While everyone today will tell you that this is a very big deal but it just does not confirm to reason. While an FB status might make things obvious for others, with a very public FB status it could just mean that you are inviting awkward conversations.

Also, in the power struggle that exists in modern relationships, updating your FB status first simply implies the same thing as saying “I love you“ first. Millennials truly have the most inane things to worry about when they really should be investing that energy into building a balanced relationship.

3.Dating etiquettes dictated what to do, when and how

The dating formula for an old soul was very simple – all you had to get your date would be flowers and chocolates. On a date, you would go to a movie, or even a long walk. At the end of the date night, you would give a quick kiss to the girl on the cheek and head home.

These days, dates can be just about anything from playing paintball to heading to a hike. No millennial would be caught dead with flowers and a box of candy for sure. Today, it’s all about updating your status on Facebook with your latest exploits that would turn all your friends green with envy.

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