Emotionally Unavailable Person

If you have been on the receiving end of a rebound relationship, you know exactly what it feels like to date an emotionally unavailable person.

You might have seen all the telltale signs while dating. The other person may have started the relationship on a very strong note, which you being the center of the other person’s universe. After he had you locked down and secure in a relationship that’s when you began to experience love problems.

In time, you might come to notice that his love is just a ploy and in reality he has put up high walls because he bear the thought of breaking up. He is all about latching on like a limpet because of his relationship insecurities and emotional baggage.

For such an emotionally unavailable person, they are not looking for real commitment at all but a way to fill their own void. They don’t hold themselves accountable and look for modern dating options that will give them quick results.

Here is what you need to know about emotionally unavailable partners and rebound relationships:

Never put anyone on a pedestal

No one in this world is perfect and worthy of worship. If you do this, the only unhappy person will be you.

Get to really know someone well before deciding your future together

Understand that many a modern relationship is fragile – but in reality what it should be is that when the going gets tough, the tough should get going.

Go with your gut instincts

Even when the other person seems to be picture perfect, sometimes it’s that gnawing feeling in your gut that will tell you’re the truth.

Time heals all

You can recover from a bad relationship because time heals everything including heartache. When you begin dating anew, you will have more self-knowledge to deal with any future relationship problems.

You cannot fix another person

Sometimes, we wrongly believe that our love will help heal the other person. If the other person just chips away at your soul, it is time to let them go. You cannot fix someone else because healing comes from within.

The end of a romantic relationship doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you

Healthy relationships are not just the romantic sort. You can have friends, family, and coworkers who are a wonderful support system in your life rather than just an unloving partner who is emotionally unavailable.

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