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In love and courtship, even the smallest gestures mean so much to the partner. Love hasn’t always been simple. Lovers all over the world choose different ways and means to express their feelings. Some prefer expressing it with red roses and movie dates and some over French kisses and proposals. With the changing times, let’s take a look at a few shocking dating rituals around the world.

1.Dedicated dating, Austria

In Austria, woman kept a slice of an apple in their armpits while dancing at parties. At the end of the party, they would hand over the soaked slice to the man she fell in love with. The guy would then reciprocate by eating that soiled slice if he liked the girl back. Dating in Austria surely takes a high level of dedication for a man.


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2.The sexual hunt, Cambodia

In Cambodia, parents from a particular tribe called Kreung encouraged their daughters to please men until she found her perfect match. The daughters could entertain and seduce as many men she wanted. She also had the liberty to have pre-marital sex with them, far away from the roving eyes of the villagers.


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3.Taboo dating, Iran

When teenage girls in Iran reach a marriageable age, they could try and test a guy before permanently settling down with him. The potential guy was usually introduced to them by their parents. This ritual was also against one of their country’s laws. It was more like a temporary marriage agreement. The use of social media and dating sites made practicing this ritual more convenient.


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4.Tribal mating dance, Papua New Guinea

The tribal men of Papua New Guinea would paint themselves in bright colors and feathered costumes. They would do their native dance and sing in attempt to seduce and attract their lovers. This display of affection was also called the tribal mating dance.

papua new guinea mating

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5.French men and their chivalrous wooing, France

French men are known for their dating etiquette and neat attire. Their gestures are quite bold and they leave no stone unturned to pamper their ladylove. The ritual goes like, if a man likes any girl from a group he will go and kiss her in front of everyone. This marks the start of their relationship. Frenchmen and their gestures are just very overwhelming.


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6.Welsh love spoon, Wales

The spooning custom in Wales has a different meaning. Welsh lovers dedicatedly worked to carve a beautiful spoon for their special lady. The guys would gift this spoon to their crushes who in acceptance wore it around their neck. The spoon was considered as token of love where the guy took the responsibility to love and feed her all his life.

Welsh love spoon

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