Add a little excitement to your relationship by doing all that is required to keep your world lit up with love. Truly, love is the best feeling in the world but to keep it going strong a few efforts are required. Here are the three most common excuses you give yourself while staying in a boring love relationship.

1.You have nothing new to talk about

It’s time for some change in your boring relationship. Experiencing the same thing every day is just too stagnating. To repair a broken relationships, indulge in some quirky fun. Attempt things which you have never done before, introduce a little change in your daily activities to make your dating experience a little exciting.

Do random things with your partner, go out of your comfort zone rather than behaving like a typical romantic couple. Add innuendos and teasing but also make the couple time a memorable experience.

2.You have started making small talk

Having to answer the same questions every day? It is as boring as it sounds. Modern relationship problems arise out of this situation. A healthy relationship doesn’t require you to communicate throughout the day. Have essential conversations, but make sure to give some space to each other in between. Sometimes indulge in talking about current affairs, positivity and even about planning a trip or an activity together rather than talking about romance all the time.

The point is to have more mature conversations and develop your relationship. Discussions on such topics will help strengthen your bond as it will make you more aware of your partner’s views.

3.You have nothing left in common to do

When you just can’t think of anything to do in your couple time you can go for a long romantic walk/drive or do some cuddling while playing video games. Don’t get fixed into a boring relationship. Let dating be a little different than the usual a couple indulges in. Take some love advice from your friends if needed. Relationship problems can be avoided with a tinge of creativity and efforts from both the partners.

Initially, a relationship might go without much efforts to make, but over time you will definitely need some relationship advice and motivation to keep it going. Once you enter the boredom phase you’ll get stuck so it’s better to make continuous efforts to keep your relationship well-pruned and healthy.

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