Partner Suffering from Depression

If you are having a relationship with someone with depression, you know that you may not always be able to express love like every other couple. You may struggle with how to express love when they swing from being fine one day, and distant the next. Mental illness is just as serious as a physical illness, and yes, it can take a toll on your relationship.

In a romantic relationship, you might sometimes feel like the love is one-sided. Remember that helping your depressed partner though a difficult phase in their lives can only serve to strengthen your bond. Here are some tips on dealing with depressed partner that can save your relationship.

1.Help them de-clutter

When dealing with depressed girlfriend or boyfriend, you might notice that they are letting go of everyday things and slipping up on the most important of essentials. This is because they feel overwhelmed by even the smallest of things that others consider routine. Love advice for dealing with depressed boyfriend or girlfriend incudes helping them sort through their mail, washing up and generally bringing a sense of order to their chaos.

2.Make them a healthy meal

Being in a relationship with a depressed person may help you observe one of two things: either your partner binge-eats or has sparrow-like meals. It may also be the case that when loving someone with depression and anxiety you may notice that they are eating junk food more often than healthy, home-cooked meals.

Research shows the modern diet has actually elevated cases of depression so your partner will only spiral deeper into depression if they continue eating fast food. Love and depression can be tackled if you help them keep their body healthy, and soon the mind will follow suit.

3.Laugh with them and be silly

Relationship advice on what to do when the person you love is depressed entails being able to help them relax. Share silly jokes and memes, watch a comedy flick together or attend a show with a standup comedian to encourage your partner to laugh. Laughing releases endorphins which can aid them combat feelings of depression and anxiety.

4.Break the cycle of negative thoughts

When loving a depressed woman or man it may mean you have to constantly be aware of how they feel. A depressed person is usually stuck in a cycle of negative, destructive thoughts like “I am unlovable, I’m a disappointment, I’m loathsome…” When loving a depressed man or woman, constantly reassure your partner that they are loveable and help them see what they have accomplished.

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