If you notice that your romantic relationship is turning into a complacence, you are experiencing modern relationship problems and you are not alone. But be warned that relationships problems like boring love should set off a few alarm bells. It is true that like other mundane things, once you have been dating for a while a romantic couple can stop feeling the heady rush. It’s totally normal to experience love on another level but if you are in a boring relationships you should snap out of your complacence.

In fact, even if you are in a new love relationship, plan different and quirky things to do in your couple time to keep things interesting.

1.Binge-watch together to stay together

This is a gem of relationship advice because it harks back to simpler times when there was just one TV per household and not too many channels/shows so couples usually sat watching stuff together. Take advantage of this love advice and use this medium to reunite with your partner.

For example, start watching reality TV together – discuss the plot, the participants, vote for your favorites, make a chart to keep track of the goings-on, whatever gets you going. Bonus tip: If it’s a show you can both watch live together, it will ensure that you have a date in front of the TV every week.

2.Change up the venue

If you’re living together and things have started to stagnate, choose a staycation over a laundry weekend. Simply get away to a hotel in another part of the city or a city close to you. Since it’s only going to be one night, splurge on the good stuff – get the best suite in the place. Take your partner out to a restaurant and then for some couple activity that they enjoy.

A change of place can allow you to experience new things and create new memories together as you no longer feel tied to your regular routine and form. This is by far the best way to put together a broken relationship.

3.Goof off

If you want to stop snoozing, start being silly. It really works. A romantic couple that laughs together, stays together. Infuse life into a boring relationship by laughing, making silly jokes, clowning around or giving each other gag gifts. In no time, you’ll be too busy laughing to be bored.

Build on your romantic relationship by indulging in some of the silliness that got you laughing on your first date. Liven things up with a sense of adventure and amusement that only the fresh flush of a new relationship can bring.

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