Ugly Realities of Modern Relationships

Modern relationships have changed the game of love. It’s no more a fairy-tale romance. You have to be ready to face some ugly realities of modern dating.

If you’re in a modern day romance you are probably familiar with some of these ugly realities already. Recognize any of these issues? If you do, then you need some modern relationship advice to bring your relationship back on a healthy track.

1.More of a power play

In modern relationships, the real power vests with the one who shows the least interest. Being too concerned and interested is not something to be proud of for a modern lover. Modern love is all about wanting more attention rather than giving.

2.Making yourself look superior

Your partner might take too long to respond to your calls and text messages. It’s in the act of being superior and dominating. It’s all about ruling the game than playing it on an equal footing.

3.Switching your roles perfectly

You have to understand and play the right character all the time. You could show unconditional love like Romeo or be the modern carefree partner. Because too much of one thing is not what modern lovers desire.

4.Convenient communication in a relationship

Modern lovers choose the most convenient modes of communication in their relationship. Text messages with emoticons is the most preferred, with a little of social media and video calling. Long conversations on phone are just fading away. Personal space in relationships is becoming a reason for distancing yourself from your partner.


You will come across a lot of if’s and maybe’s. With the relationship not being on the top of the priority list, the partner might choose to spend quality time with other friends or love interests. In modern relationships, hookups and sex are very common which can be done with anyone playing your love interest even if they are not your partner. So these days, a partner may not be the top priority and the lack of commitment can cause relationship trauma.

6.Carefree attitude

Carefree attitude rules the major part of modern love. Cheating in relationships, lying, double dating are very common events one experiences in a modern relationship. After a breakup, the partner is least bothered and moves ahead in life without going through much of an emotional outburst.

7.Wrong is the new right

There is no judgment to how good or bad your gesture is. It all depends on the way your partner interprets it. Sometimes even the most selfish actions could be really attractive for the partner because of modern perceptions which involve more exhibitionism than substance.

8.Spending quality time is all about

Every phrase from “let’s meet” to “want to come over for a drink” has some hidden agenda. They all end up with “let’s have sex” or “let’s hookup.” So choose your invitations wisely.

9.Honesty in relationships

In this fast forward generation everyone wants to directly jump into bed rather than building over having a strong emotional bond. Speaking about the harsh realities of not being ready to get in bed is not something a modern lover will opt for. It’s the honesty in relationship’s which is at stake.

10.Communication gap

If you don’t get your replies in time, just understand it’s not because of any issues with telecommunication services. It’s the communication gap that is scored up intentionally by your lover.

11.Being just friends – no labels attached

Modern day relationships don’t support commitments and loyalty. It’s more like a relationship without any names and tags. Technically do everything you want under the tittle “we are just friends (with benefits)”.

12.Use your social sense wisely

Social networks have given a boost to the chances of cheating in a relationship. Invisible flirting happens a lot on Facebook and Instagram by personal messaging and likes. It’s a very informal means which doesn’t make it look like cheating in reality.

13.Save yourself from being exploited

In a modern relationship you tend to expose yourself to the opposite person. You become more vulnerable to your partner and all your weakness can be taken advantage off. So if you’re not into the right person you’re at risk.


Social network is seen more like a place to stalk interesting people than to maintain your relationships with friends and family. This gives rise to some really creepy stalking adding up to unwanted relationship issues. It constantly updates you about your partner’s activities and paves the way for relationship problems.

15.Don’t hold on your strings too tightly

Once you are physically and romantically attached with someone, you might be calling trouble for yourself. With the chances of having so many casualties, getting too close is not a good idea. Think twice before getting involved in a modern day romance.

16.Gone in seconds

Your whole world can turn upside down in seconds. It just takes a text message to end all that you have shared. To ignore the opposite person and avoid all the emotional drama this is the modern-day love style of breaking up. Giving no value to emotions and sentiments – it’s all over within a flash. It’s the selfish way out.

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