When you are romantically involved with someone, you tend to get very attached to them. Under circumstances of a bitter heartbreak it leaves you broken and shattered from every aspect. It is a very difficult phase but one must learn and overcome these life tragedies.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

The Museum of Broken Relationships displays a massive range of objects from broken and failed relationships occurring all over the world. This museum has remains of many incomplete and broken relationships. The idea of donating things which played a major part in their relation and love problems is to help them move ahead in life and get over their bitter past. It takes quite some efforts to be able to give away something which has been so close their lives; it’s a complete emotional transformation.

The museum has a huge collection of classic gifts and some really bizarre items. Don’t be shocked if you find some really random items like mannequin hands, air sickness bags, axes, intimate shampoo, etc. You will also come across a lot of weird pieces which have some really deep thought and feeling attached to them.

Some lovers look at donating these bits and pieces of brokenships as some sort of self-relief and catharsis. Our culture and community gives recognition to divorce, marriages, birthdays and death but not to a broken relationship. The concept of this museum has been appreciated worldwide. It’s quite an experience to visit this museum, it will surely give you some shivers and shocks.


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Museum of Broken Relationships, Los Angeles

Only a broken heart will know the meaning of objects put on display or donated by people who have had their hearts broken. This museum at Los Angeles is another display of creativity from a romantic relationship. It portrays a range of emotions. When they don’t want to throw away the objects and can’t even keep them any longer, they come and donate it to the museum. So in a way there is feeling of satisfaction that the item is safe and secure. Visiting this museum is similar to that of experiencing a rollercoaster ride. There are a lot of anonymous donors who have donated some exemplary items which a normal person might have not even thought of. Each piece has its own depth of feelings. From wedding dresses to a bottled jar with confessions, intimate wear, etc. This museum also proves to be a really good recovery place for all those who have undergone a heartbreak.


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