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A long distance relationship can change a lot of things. Distance will have its own effect on a relationship. Long distance romance that is done mindfully is the key to a healthy long distance relationship. A lot of people also believe that long distance relationships just don’t work. But ask those in love. Distance means nothing when your partner means so much to you.

1.Communicate at certain intervals

The first bit of relationship advice: Iis extremely necessary that you communicate at intervals rather than communicating 24/7.This gets boring after a while. The long distance romance will slowly fade and lose its charm. So the key here is to pamper your partner at the right time than proving to be clingy and possessive throughout the day. Expressing the correct emotions at the right time will really fill up the distance.


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2.Be positive

It is extremely necessary to be positive and understand each other’s comfort zone. Distance will show you the real value of your partner. Instead of being unhappy and negative about the long distance relationship, learn to take it sportingly. As nothing that’s worth it comes easy, so to live happily ever after you will have to compromise a little. You just have to survive this test of time and distance.


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3.Set some rules

To avoid long distance relationship problems set some really simple rules and limitations. Like being honest with each other, communicating all the important events, being true to each other, etc. The partners need to set their priorities straight and not do things which offends the other partner. Be it late night parties, coffee dates or night outs. Freedom and trust should be in place and never taken advantage of. Being clear and open about insecurities and communicating them at the right time is very important.


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4.Right communication

Even the smallest gestures count and make the other partner feel loved. So make it a habit to call and greet your partner every morning or before going to bed. Occasionally, use social media to express your feelings. Video calling and dirty texting can really help to heat up things between two people which is necessary to keep the long distance spark going.


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5.Sexual gestures

The idea of not being physically around each other is a major setback when it comes to a long distance relationship. Relationship problems will reduce to a great extent if you   create those sexual gestures to let the dating game going strong. The desire to feel and touch that person could be physically and emotionally satisfying. Phone sex, dirty texting and exchanging racy pictures can be of good help in this situation.


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6.Surprise visits

What better than having a surprise visit from your loved one? After all those long distance relationship problems, you finally get to catch up in that short visit. It’s time to make the most from it. Those long awaited tight hugs, holding hands and walking, kisses and cuddling will fill in the hollow spaces in your heart. Love will definitely be in the air and the fireworks in your body.


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