making love

Referring to the old-world charm of how to make love are essential but with so much modernization around us not much can be taken from the past. But here are some really interesting facts on making love which have survived the test of time and can help you your modern day relationship just as well.

Love at first sight

A slightest provocation or response to the man just stimulates his emotion of making love. It becomes too difficult for a man to control his emotions after a romantic gesture made from an attractive woman. So ladies, bring on the coy charm.

Gender equality in relationships

Men and women have contrasting ideas about relationships. Women are more on the emotional side, they are a little orthodox and wait for the man to be the active partner. According to them, it’s the man who should take the first steps towards making love. The male partner should be the one swooning over their lady love. Dating is based on the mutual understanding of the partners and how seriously they take gender equality in relationships.

In a relationship, it’s the man who should be the initial stimulator dominating the love life and not the woman. Reverse ideology is not considered respectful. Sometimes, when the woman chooses to play a man’s role in private, it’s really attractive.

Making love to a woman is not easy

When a man is trying to make love to his woman he should make sure he sets the scene right. So in case the girl tries to edge away in her shyness, the guy has enough of a hold on her to fulfill his intentions of sex, romance or making love. The man should be really gentle in his touch but also make sure she’s firmly reassuring about his emotion for her.

Step back before you fall into trouble

So if the man has got himself in the wrong situation, a situation where the girl has violently rejected a man’s attentions. He should back off without a second thought. She doesn’t deserve to be pampered and kissed. Leave her alone.

Let us remember the historical context that this article is based – it is just a generation or two away from ours. It shows us the change in how morality and relationships have changed in the modern world.

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